Tawa - Serveware - Indian Style Engraved Platter - Hand Hammerred Stainless Steel - 12"

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Our Hammered Stainless steel Tava Platter is the perfect way to serve appetizers and main dishes alike, combining a practically chic look with old world charm. Cultural and authentic serving plates like our Tava bring the Asian epicurean palette close to home. Whether used to serve flat breads, Naan, fried foods, or entres, this Tava will display your food in fashion.

Line up appetizers such as seekh kababs, fritters, dumplings, Samosa or Mix Pakora on this slightly convex platter, which features engraved chrome handles for simple serving and passing. The convex shape helps bring any extra liquid or oil to the center, keeping your table presentable and clean.

Consider a Tava platter to spruce up your next barbeque it is ideal for serving a rack of ribs, burgers, cole slaw or potato salad. Or leave our Tava on your kitchen counter as a welcoming fruit bowl.

Available in 8, 9.25, 10, and 12