ETL Certified Shaan Catering Tandoor 26" W x 32" D x 34" H - Gas

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Shaan Gas Catering Tandoori Clay Ovens for Outdoor Catering events.
If you are looking for quality Clay Tandoor for Outdoor catering event, look no further. Nishi Enterprise is distributor and supplier of Shaan Tandoori Clay Ovens manufactured by Tandoori Clay Oven Co. Ltd.,UK.

During our updated clay manufacturing process the clay pots are
fired to stone hardness to withstand thermal shock. This enhances the
life span of our unique Shaan Tandoor thus compared to traditional
tandoori ovens which are replaced every 12-24 months.

Shaan Tandoori Clay Ovens come with pe-installed Gas Safety with thermocouple and pilot ignitor. Shaan Gas Tandoor Ovens are very easy to use and maintain. Tandoori ovens are set for LPG/propane.

Specifications: 26" W x 32" D x 34" H

Burner Single Ring Burner with 45,000 BTU capacity with Gas
Safety, Thermocouple & Pilot Igniter.

" Gas Inlet (female Threaded)

13 " Baffle plate is used to deflect flame.
10 feet Propane Gas Hose

Ventilation Tandoor Clay Oven for restaurant should be installed under exhaust hood as
per relevant national and local codes.

All Tandoori Clay Ovens sold by us are supplied with 2 Bread/Naan Skewers, 12 Assorted BBQ Skewers, Naan Bread Pad and Stainless Steel Cover with handle for mouth.

Due to weight limitation, tandoori oven can't be shipped by UPS or FedEx. Therefore please call us in advance for shipping quote.
Tandoors are shipped by regular trucking companies and charges vary by model and shipping address.