Stainless Steel Deep Chomukha with 3 Bowls

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Make the task of carrying different curry bowls to the dining table easier with this deep chomukha.

  • Crafted with the best quality of food grade stainless steel, rest assured, the contents inside are totally safe.
  • The chomukha is also long-lasting and sturdy – won’t get warped!
  • Equipped with 3 deep compartments, it makes serving food and condiments more convenient and faster.
  • Edges are non-abrasive, so the hands are safe while using them.
  • Rounded handle makes it easy to carry.
  • Use for serving curries, or condiments - in restaurant for table serving or during catered events
  • Quick cleaning procedure – a thorough rinse, along with soap and scrubber to get rid of stains, is sufficient.

Dimensions of each bowl: 5 inches (diameter) x 6 inches (height).

Capacity: 48 Oz.