Stainless Steel and Copper Pitcher - 64 Oz.

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A solidly crafted pitcher is a must-have at commercial dining establishments. It features an elegant design with both steel and copper imparting a unique luster.

  • Made using high quality stainless steel, the pitcher is durable and sturdy.
  • It won’t get dented or warped.
  • Copper handles guarantee a firm grip during pouring – it won’t slip from the hands.
  • Round copper base means additional stability, so the pitcher can be set down anywhere and it won’t topple.
  • Equipped with an ice catcher, the pitcher keeps beverages cool and refreshing.
  • It can be used for water, juices, and even hot water.
  • Stainless steel is anti-rust and corrosion resistant, but the copper parts could get tarnished over time. However, it imparts a decidedly vintage aura to the jug.
  • Provides an authentic Indian dining experience. 

Capacity: 64 oz.