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Rotoquip Automatic Conveyor Shish Kebab or Koobideh Kebob Grill-36

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Rotoquip Automatic Conveyor Kabab Grill is best replacement for Traditional Char Broiler and Manual Kabab Grill where one has to rotate Skewers by hand.

It is ideal for Large Restaurant, Catering kitchen, Banquet Hall and Frozen Food Manufacturer who are looking for heavy volume.

  • Works on Natural gas (option for LPG)
  • Easy operation means there is no requirement for experienced staff.
  • Start up time requires 10 minutes in comparison to 30-40 minutes to warm up clay tandoor oven.
  • Easy to load and manage
  • Easy to operate, safe and hygienic, no contact with any parts
  • Variable gas and speed control adjusting to different recipes. Constant high quality end product.
  • Powerful infrared gas burners, heats up more efficiently and quickly, cutting down on time and cost.
  • Individual burner control
  • Removable drip trays, covers and panels for easy cleaning with no hassle.
  • Cooks extended range of products (Shish Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Legs).
  • finished in high quality Brush Polish Stainless Steel panels and covers.
  • Just connect Gas hose and it is ready to use - SIMPLE-FAST-EFFECTIVE
  • Need electric outlet for operation of motor in the machine.
  • Every Rotoquip Automatic Conveyor Shish Kebab Grill unit is supplied with 25 pieces of 8 mm thick specially designed Shish Kebab Skewers or Flat Koobideh Kebob Skewers.
  • Rotoquip Automatic Conveyor Shish Kabab Grill unit currently lacks NSF certification.
Nishi Enterprise is sole distributor of Rotoquip Automatic Conveyor Shish Kebab Grill In USA.

Specifications: 61" W x 24" D x 36" H.

This particular size has 36" clear cooking area with 12" Stainless Steel Pans on both side for loading and receiving cooked product.

Ventilation : Kebab Machine for restaurant/catering kitchen/Banquet Place should be installed under exhaust hood as per relevant national and local codes.

Due to weight limitation, Rotoquip Automatic Conveyor Kebab Grill can't be shipped by UPS or FedEx. Therefore please call us in advance for shipping quote.

Rotoquip Automatic Shish Kebab Grills are shipped by regular trucking companies and charges vary by model and shipping address.