Hammered Stainless Steel Oval Serving Dish 23 Oz.

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Our Oval Dishes combines classic Indian flare with a polished look for a fine dining experience. The stainless steel interior and hand-hammered exterior will elegantly display your savory dishes. The oblong bowl features a wide stainless steel lip and is easy to serve and pass.
Traditionally used for entrees served family style like rice dishes, vegetables, etc. this multi-purpose oval dish is also used for dipping sauces like mint yogurt, chili sauces, chutneys, sweet & sour sauces, and much more. Line them up side-by-side to create a beautiful buffet for your guests. Or re-image this Au Gratin style Oval Dish as a candy dish for small, passable treats.
Impress your guests with matching hammered stainless steel Handi, Kadai, Serving Spoons, & Water Pitchers.

Available in 12 oz, 16 oz, & 23 oz.