Handi - Serveware - Indian Tureen Serving Bowl - Hand Hammerred Stainless Steel - 14oz

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The Stainless Steel Handi (similar to a French Tureen) is a traditional Indian style serving bowl used extensively in Indian restaurants for serving lentils & curries. Used also for puddings, stews, any liquid based foods and also for rice/pasta based foods like macaroni & cheese, pullao, fried rice, and biryani.

Popularized as handi or haandi, and similar to the American beanpot, this handi is made with a double layer of premium quality stainless steel both in its outer base and interior. The polished & hammered outer layer gives beauty to this shining handi, while the stainless steel interior keeps the food warm thus making it a great choice for use in restaurants, parties, catering events, on top of domestic use. This high-quality utensil is easy to maintain & dishwasher-safe.

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Available in 14oz, 20oz, and 32oz