Hammered Stainless Steel Dal Dish 24 Oz.

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This stunning Hammered Stainless Steel Dal
Dish is the perfect way to plate your signature Indian dishes. The hand-hammered work adds a textured flare to this traditional Indian vessel, while
the stainless steel interior large lip offers a radiant tone. Leave your guests wondering where they, too,
can buy such a beautiful serving piece.

Also known as Punjabi Haandi or Lota, our stainless steel Dal Dish can be used for much more than Dal.Use it to serve curry, Tikka, Chicken Masala
and a variety of rice dishes.

Infuse the Far East
culture into any home by using this Dal Dish to serve soups and stews.Serve your favorite warm or cool dips like
guacamole, queso dip, hummus or onion dip with panache at your next dinner

Complete your table with our other hammered stainless steel serving dishes, such as our Haandi, Kadai, Au Gratin
Dishes and Balti.

Available in 24 oz.

Dimensions: 5 Wide x 3.25 Height