Copper Food Warming Sigdi with Elegant Adornments - Small

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Keeping your food warm never looked so good! This stylish Sigdi is the perfect solution for keeping dishes warm during special events and banquets, or simply jazzing up your table presentation at any meal.
The three arched brass ribbons with intricate, elegant detail adorn the side of our Sigdi. This fine detail is also
carried over to the double brass handles.

Simply place a variety of platters or dishes atop our beautiful copper food warming Sigdi, such as our Haandi, Kadai or Au Gratin Dish, and let the festivities begin.Food will stay warm and scrumptious, the way you intended, during wedding celebrations, banquets and cocktail receptions.Your guests will never taste cold kabobs, frigid
bajji or luke-warm kzhakkattai again. Our Sigdi will keep them warm and delicious.

The brass ribbons keep the copper Sigdi from sitting directly on your table, and ensure your tabletop and tablecloths will not get singed or damaged by the heat.The brass handles make this warming device a cinch to carry.The Sidgi pot is deep enough for heat to sit low and not burn servers as they switch out trays.

Dimensions : 4" Wide at the top with 4.15 " Height.