Any Indian restaurant is incomplete without Clay Tandoor Ovens as it is used to make delicious Tandoori dishes and soft Naan Bread. Unlike other ovens, Tandoor Clay Ovens use fuel ( Charcoal or Gas) to heat up walls of the clay oven where Naan Bread is stuck with help of Cotton Pad. With heat of the walls, Naan Bread is cooked in less than 2 minutes. Though traditional Indian Restaurants were using Charcoal as choice, to get flavor of clay and charcoal , in modern times, it is difficult and non-practical due to excessive smoke generated. Therefore most of the modern Indian restaurants are equipped with Gas Tandoor Clay Ovens for churning out Tasty Naan Breads.

We offer Restaurant type Tandoor clay Ovens from United Kingdom ( London). Shahi Tandoors from London are supplied with Gas Burner, Pilot Ignition and Gas Safety and installed in the oven.. These tandoors are made of special clay available only in UK and last longer compared to Tandoor Clay Ovens from India. There is mis-conception about Tandoor Clay Ovens from London that pots are made of Cement. In reality it is stone finish of clay which make these clay pot look like made of cement.