ETL Certified Shaan Tandoori Clay Oven-Medium-Gas-28 inch

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Perfect for restaurants, catering events and homes, Shaan Tandoori is unmatched in its quality and long lasting durability for professional grade tandoor clay ovens. Nishi Enterprise is the sole distributor and supplier of Shaan Tandoori.


Shaan Tandoori clay ovens are made from stainless steel casing with a handcrafted clay pot in its center. The clay is of the finest quality and is strengthened using traditional natural materials which have been used for centuries in the making of authentic clay oven pots. These qualities not only produce amazing food that your customers expect, but also a long lasting tandoor with very little maintenance.


  • Hardened inner surface
  • Stone clay body (2 inch)
  • Hard coated outer surface
  • Reinforcement metal rings
  • Triple layer insulation
  • Spillage improved top casing
  • Disposal tray (for easy cleaning).


  • Power efficiency
  • Energy saver
  • Long lasting design
  • Flame nozzle
  • Dirt protection
  • Cast iron gas plate

Shaan Tandoori Clay Ovens come with pre-installed Gas Safety system with thermocouple and pilot ignitor. Shaan Gas Tandoor Ovens are very easy to use and maintain. Tandoori ovens can be set for LPG/propane if required.

The outer shell/exterior is made of a stainless steel sheet. Tandoor oven is fitted with 4 inch swivel castor wheels to make it mobile. The top of the tandoori oven is made of 16 gauge stainless steel sheet.


  • Sizing dimensions: 28" W x 30" D x 35" H x 15" Mouth x 25" Belly
  • Weight: 450 Lbs.
  • Single Ring Burner with 48,000 BTU capacity with Gas Safety, Thermocouple & Pilot Igniter.
  • 1/2" Gas Inlet (female threaded)
  • 13 " Baffle plate is used to deflect flame.
  • Also included: 2 Bread/Naan Skewers, 12 Assorted BBQ Skewers, Naan Bread Pad and Stainless Steel Cover with handle for mouth.

Tandoor clay ovens should be installed under exhaust hood as per relevant national and local codes to maintain proper ventilation.

Due to weight limitation, tandoori oven can't be shipped by UPS or FedEx. Therefore please call us in advance for shipping quote.

Tandoors are shipped by regular trucking companies and charges vary by model and shipping address. 

Please note that clay pot inside the oven, is made of natural clay are prone to cracks due to usage but these will no impede the cooking ability of the oven. 

We do supply 1 lbs. of maintaining clay for regular maintenance.

We do not offer any warranty for clay pot in the tandoor oven.