Indian Style Iron Kadai Frying Wok - 20 inch, Round, Welded Handles

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20" Round and Deep Heavy Duty Iron Kadai/Frying Pan.


Good for deep frying of Snacks/Sweets.

Strong Handles are Riveted and welded.

Being food safe, non-corrosive

Durable, High Quality

Traditional Cookware.

Oil capacity - 6 Gallons

No matter whether you own a restaurant or catering business, this kadai can be used for cooking or preparing sweets, snacks, curry dishes, etc.  

The metal doesn’t affect the flavor or react to food.

A MUST buy item for every Indian Restaurant and Caterer.

Health Benefits

Since Decades, Iron is one of the safest and versatile metals used for making kitchenware. Iron Cooking Utensils are much safer than their plastic equivalents. With iron, there are no questionable chemicals, and the insulation properties will keep food much fresher longer. Making iron products the perfect utensils for cooking.

Easy Clean Up

These products are easily washed and cleaned, ready to look like new after each use and wash. Since they are so easy to clean, they are reusable and provide an easy-to-wash surface that can be washed by hand! This easily maintained product saves both time and money.