Tandoor Oven BBQ Skewers - Round- Choose Thickness

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Mild Steel BBQ Skewers - Round -different thickness

Ideal for use in Tandoor for Vegetables, Corn, Fish and Paneer Tikka (cottage cheese)

Common use / application as per the thickness :

  1. 3 mm --- Ideal for Shrimp, any kind of fish,  Small Paneer Cubes
  2. 4 mm --- Ideal for Shrimp, Paneer Tikka, Assorted Vegetables
  3. 6 mm --- Ideal for Chicken Tikka, Drum Sticks or Chicken Legs
  4. 8 mm --- Ideal for Chicken Thighs, Half Chicken or Full Chicken, some use it for Kabab.

All BBQ Skewers are 39 inch long. Curved end on one side for hanging and Sharp pointed corner on other side for piercing meat purpose.

All Steel BBQ Skewers are good to use but if they are left outside for long period, they will get rusted. Ideal for restaurant or commercial use where it is used on daily basis. 

Residential or infrequent users should select BBQ Skewers made of Stainless Steel only.