ATOSA AGR-4B, 24-Inch (60.96 cm) 4 Burner Heavy Duty Gas Range Single Oven



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ATOSA CookRite AGR-4B, 24-Inch (60.96 cm) 4 Burner Heavy Duty Gas Range Single Oven, is compact enough to blend into the design of most of any commercial kitchens, but powerful enough to yield high volume production results. It has 4 top burners, with heavy duty sectioned cast iron top grates. Equipped with a standard size oven with porcelain interior, and features a stainless steel exterior, which is easy to clean and will resist dents, scratches, stains and corrosion. The best choice in restaurant ranges!

Stainless steel exterior including front, back sides, kick plate, back guard and over shelf
Heavy duty 12 X 12 removable, cast iron top grates
Drip Tray provided under burners to catch grease drippings
25,000 BTU top burners & 27,000 BTU oven burners
Oven Temperature range between 175F to 550F
Standing pilot for open top burners
Oven pilot with 100% safety shut off
Enamel interior oven for easy cleaning
Multiple position oven rack guides
One (1) chrome oven rack per oven standard
Available in Natural and Propane
3/4 NPT rear gas connection and regulator provided

Model Gas
Ignition Burner Name Per BTU
Number of Burners Total BTU
Oven Size
Exterior Dimensions
Valve Types Net Weight
ATO-4B NG Manually Hot Plates 25,000 4 124,000 20x26x14 24x31x57.375 Pilot light 326.1
Oven 24,000 1
LP Hot Plates 23,000 4 116,000
Oven 24,000 1