Rotoquip Roti Naan Pita Bread Machine Oven - Gas

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Rotoquip's  ROTI / NAAN / PITA BREAD Machine Oven is perfect for restaurants in need of clay oven baked goods, but doesn't have anyone trained on how to make it or have a traditional clay oven. Easy to operate, safe to use and fast, it's the perfect solution to empower any kitchen in need of freshly baked naans, rotis, chapatis , Pita Bread and anything else you want to add to your menu. 


Rotoquip has been manufacturing food machinery for the past 10 years, providing them with extensive knowledge to give their customers efficient catering engineering solutions. The Roti Naan Oven is an outcome of one of their many solutions, the ultimate replacement of a typical tandoori clay oven. With minimal training, any kitchen can deliver tandoori style food for their customers. 


  • Easy operation means there is no requirement for experienced staff.
  • Start up time requires 7-10 minutes in comparison to 30-40 minutes to warm up clay tandoor oven.
  • Easy to load baked goods and manage cooking.
  • Easy to operate, safe and hygienic, no contact with any parts.
  • Variable gas and speed control adjusting to different recipes.
  • Powerful infrared gas burners, heats up more efficiently and quickly, cutting down on time and cost.
  • Individual burner control.
  • Removable drip trays, covers and panels for easy cleaning with no hassle.
  • Cook extended range for different bread baking products: naan, chapati, roti and more.
  • Finished in high quality, durable brushed stainless steel panels and covers.


  • Requires single phase 115 V Electric outlet for operation of motor in the machine.
  • Can be used with natural gas (LPG conversion kit available).
  • Size: 39" W x 39" D x 51" H x 30" Cooking Disc
  • Weight: 400 lbs
  • Please note: Rotoquip RD-30-SS is not ETL or NSF Certified.

Roti Naan Pita Bread Ovens should be installed under exhaust hood as per relevant national and local codes to maintain proper ventilation.

Due to weight limitation, the Roti Naan Oven cannot be shipped by UPS or FedEx. Therefore please call us in advance for shipping quote. They are shipped by regular trucking companies and charges vary by model and shipping address.

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