Stainless Steel Gold Oval Serving Bowl - 32 Oz (960 ml)

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The stainless steel Oval Serving Bowl is a traditional Indian style serving pan used extensively in Indian restaurants for serving lentils, curries, puddings or any liquid based foods. 

It also has a PVD coating applied which makes the surface durable, scratch proof, anti corrosion and wear resistant for long lasting performance. It is equipped with 2 Brass Handles for easy handling.


  • perfect for Indian liquid based foods.
  • dishwasher safe
  • scratch proof, anti corrosion
  • perfect for high temperatures
  • tough, durable, long lasting

Dimensions : 8.5 inch (21.6 cm) wide x 6.75 (17.1 cm) inch deep x 1.5 (3.8 cm) inch Height

Capacity - 32 Oz. (960 ml)