Heavy Duty Aluminum Biryani Bagona Deg - 28

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Precision Aluminum, Extra Heavy Duty, Thick Bottom, Superior Strength & Durability,
Energy saver, steam is well distributed for a perfectly cooked biryani.
This is also good for cooking Veg/Non veg Pulavs.


- Crafted with the best quality of aluminum, you can rest assured about its durability and strength.

- It is designed to withstand a great deal of heat and save energy - it won’t get cracked or warped at all!

- The thick bottom imparts extra stability.

- The bagona is made in such a way that the steam gets distributed evenly, so the biryani is cooked beautifully. All flavors and essence are circulated well, so the taste is amazing!

- Though primarily meant to cook biryani, this vessel can be used to make rice-based dishes like pulao too.

Easy Clean Up

These products are easily washed and cleaned, ready to look like new after each use and wash. Since they are so easy to clean, they are reusable and provide an easy-to-wash surface that can be washed by hand! This easily maintained product saves both time and money.

The heavy duty
aluminum biryani Bagona deg is made of precious aluminum. Its quality,
durability and considerable thick bottom makes it one of the best products in
the market. It is also a remarkable energy saver and keeps biryani perfectly
cooked with its quality of keeping steam well distributed in the deg. The size
of the heavy duty aluminum biryani deg is 11 inches by Mouth Dia, 17 inches by
Bottom Dia and 9.5 inches by height. It is an ideal utensil to cook vegetarian
and non-vegetarian pulavs.

Capacity - 18 LTR.