Extra Heavy Duty 1/4 Inch (6 mm) Aluminum Biryani Lagan Brazier- 23 Qts.

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This heavy duty aluminum lagan brazier is a valuable addition to any cookware collection, as it can be used for varied purposes. 

- Made with premium grade aluminum, this cookware ensures durability and longevity.

- It won’t get rusted or corroded.

- Thick bottom ensures additional stability.

- As is evident from the name, the brazier is apt for high-temperature dishes like biryani, curries, vegetables, etc.

- Round construction – it allows the food is cooked fast and evenly.

- Versatile use – apart from making biriyani, the lagan can be used for storing milk and water, or kneading and cooking dough.

- Convenient to clean – no complex cleaning methods; water and soap is all that is needed.

Dimension - 20.5 inch Diameter Bottom x 17.5 inch Top Mouth Opening x 5.6 inch inside Height.

Capacity - 23 Quarts.

Comes with Lid.

Made in India

Easy Clean Up

These products are easily washed and cleaned, ready to look like new after each use and wash. Since they are so easy to clean, they are reusable and provide an easy-to-wash surface that can be washed by hand! This easily maintained product saves both time and money.